Click Plastics Providing Guttering, Soffits & Fascias in Widnes

Quality guttering for Widnes households is absolutely essential. Over time, rain waiter, of which we sadly tend to get a lot in the United Kingdom, can cause harm to the materials that make up your home's roof.

If it is left to seep in, moisture and water damage may occur and the entire structure of your home's roof may be at risk. Efficient guttering, however, provides a simple solution to this.

It will collect any rain that falls on your house as it slides off the tiles and carries it down to ground level via a series of downspouts. It therefore protects your roof from any potential harm and ensures your home remains in strong condition. Click Plastics offers a myriad of solutions for guttering your Widnes home to ensure it is sufficiently protected.

We have four different options that our customers can choose from: Round Guttering The standard type of guttering used for modern homes, this is a half cylinder that is able to collect water and transport it to a squared off bottom.

The shape ensures that debris does not get caught in the gutter as well, letting it perform without interruption and last for a long time. Round guttering for Widnes homes can come in various colours including white, black and brown.

Square Guttering

Square guttering for Widnes homes allows a higher volume of water to be carried. The gutters have a lot more depth than your standard round gutters due to the high sides. The square design also provides a style to your home, which you can customise with an array of colours including brown, black and white.

Deep Flow Guttering

Steep roofs may be in need of an even greater type of guttering as the high slant causes a greater volume of water to be collected. If this is the case, deep flow guttering may be the ideal solution. Made in white, black or brown, these deep flow gutters have a large capacity with a height of 70 to 80mm (compared to the standard 50mm).

Ogee Guttering

Another deep option is the ogee styled guttering. A grooved and angular gutter which is both decorative and practical, it is designed to carry a larger mass of water in a way that remains stylish for your home. Click Plastics supplies only the highest standard of guttering for homes in Widnes and surrounding Merseyside areas. They are made from PVC so that they are both strong enough to hold high volumes of water yet flexible enough to bow under weight and not receive long term damage. They are also manufactured by the leading industry name Floplast and are given the stamp of approval for product and service quality by Kitemarked. To prove our faith in the durability of our gutters, we offer a ten year colour guarantee on all plastic guttering.

Soffits Widnes

Click Plastics is one of the region's top suppliers of soffits for Widnes and surrounding Merseyside areas. They provide an underside to many things around your home. They can be used underneath a flight of stairs, an arch or column, or even under the support for your porch. They are both stylish and durable, helping to give your house style as well as safety. Their polished surface is not only sleek but helps to protect against natural environmental damage from things such as wind and rainfall. Click Plastics has three different types of soffits for homes in Widnes. They can come in a range of different colours - white, oak, mahogany and black - depending on what kind of style you think would complement your home. The types of soffits that we supply for customers in Widnes include:

Vented Soffits

Vented soffits are an ideal solution for if you to install them underneath an attic space, for instance. They simultaneously allow a sufficient amount of air to flow through and prevent long-term problems like damp or mould from incurring and limit the amount of moist that can enter. A range of these soffits are available in a number of different styles and colours.

Flat Soffits

Existing soffits can be improved with soffit boards, also known as flat soffits. They can be used for over-cladding your current ones and we provide a variety of different boards - including ones in white, rosewood, oak, black and mahogany - in order to achieve this.

Hollow Soffits

Similar to vented soffits, hollow soffits are a lightweight and cost-effective way to provide an underside to patios, stairs or arches. This alternative comes in a number of colours - Click Plastics has white hollow soffits, rosewood hollow soffits, mahogany hollow soffits, light oak hollow soffits and black ash ones as well. Click Plastics suggests that soffits for Widnes homes are fitted by professionals as they often need to be fixed at very specific proportions. Furthermore, they may require the removal of certain elements of the walls and roofs (such as, for example, gutters) in order to install them properly. They are made with uPVC and are fully compatible with many other products such as fascias, capping boards and various other roofing accessories. We are able to ship the necessary items around the United Kingdom at the prices listed on this page, including postage and packaging. We deliver between 8am and 6pm from Monday to Friday and will have the items shipped within 5 working days unless otherwise stated. In the unlikely event that your goods have not arrived in working condition, you can contact us within 48 hours of the delivery to receive a returns note and arrange for collection to send the item back to us for replacement.

Fascias Widnes

Maintaining the durability of your roof is very important. Damage to the panes or the structure of the roof itself can lead to long-term effects that will make living in your house less comfortable, and will be expensive to repair after it has been caused.

One of the best ways to help preserve the durability of your home's roof, and ensure none of the aforementioned problems occur, is to invest in some of our fascias for Widnes houses. Fascias, which derive from the Latin word for bandage, are a frieze that fits under the edge of a roof. They are able to provide an extra layer of protection from bad weather that might weaken your roof. They will also be able to prevent the nesting of birds and vermin that might occur in dark, moist areas within the rafters of your roof and lead to complications down the line.

Click Plastics' range of fascias for Widnes customers are made of uPVC, one of the most resilient materials one can purchase to withstand natural damage from rain, snow and frost. They also do not require your regular attention; once they are installed you will not need to repaint or restore them for a lengthy period of time. To ensure their longevity, and your satisfaction, we would recommend using professional services to install the Widnes fascias to your roof as they are often placed in awkward, difficult positions of the roof. However, Click Plastics does have a helpful guide for installing fascias if you consider yourself equipped for the task. There are several different types of fascias that are available for customers, including: 16mm Square Fascias A 16mm thick fascia board with the square lower edge, these types come in a variety of styles - white, black, light oak, rosewood and mahogany - and can be easily fitted with 2 x 6mm Polytop nails no more than 600mm apart.

16mm Bullnose Fascias

This is very similar to the above square fascias. Except, while that had a box design, the bullnose fascia has a completely unique aesthetic that you may prefer depending on the style of your own home. This only comes in one colour: white. It can be installed in a similar way to the aforementioned square fascia, with 2 x 6mm Polytop nails that are to be fitted no more than 600m apart.

18mm Ogee Fascias

This is an 18mm thick fascia board that has a stylish ogee design. It comes in white and can be fitted with 2 x 6mm Polytop nails that should be installed no more than 600m apart. Click Plastics are able to ship our fascias to Widnes customers, as well as homes and business around the rest of the United Kingdom, within 5 working days unless otherwise stated. They will be delivered between 9am and 6pm from Monday to Friday. In the uncommon event that your goods have not arrived in the condition you expect, you should contact Click Plastics within 48 hours of the package's delivery. We will be able to arrange a collection and replace the item.