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Deep Flow Guttering

A deep gutter with a higher flow rate for larger buildings and commercial premises.

A semi-elliptical profile gutter with a high capacity making it ideal for large or steep roof areas. Easy to install guttering system with a bigger flow capacity. The high flow rate means less outlets are required, which in turn means less drainage runs are required.


H = 70mm
W = 114mm
Flow rate = 1.5 l/s

For buildings with larger roofs or situated in areas that receive a lot of rainfall a deep flow guttering solution may be the one for you. Our deep flow guttering products available are durable and can handle a larger amount of water than our normal guttering products.

Steep roofs may also be in the need for deep flow gutters. These are easy to install and allow the building to handle the heavy rainfall with less drainage outlets.

Not sure which guttering solution is right for you? Give one of our specialist advisors a call and we will be more than happy to help you with your deep flow guttering needs.