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Rosewood Trims & Architraves

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Every home will have a use for trims and architraves. They can be used for doors, windows and much more. Click Plastics has a range of Rosewood trims and architraves if you need them. They are manufactured from the very best products available to ensure they are strong and efficient. This means our customers will get a great value for the money they spend.

Rosewood architraves are available for framing the door, window or any other opening. Sometimes known as an epistyle, they provide a stylish finish to these household items. They also get rid of any need for wet trades and ensure that installation is therefore quick and simple. Architraves in rosewood can be found just above and come in various sizes including 45mm, 65mm and 95mm. This means they will fit doors and windows of many dimensions.

Click Plastics also have a range of rosewood trims. These, too, are perfect for helping to make your doors or windows have a big visual impact. It will accentuate the colour, allowing to stand out in a way it previous would not have. Our selection has a diverse range of trims to suit many of the ideas you may have in mind.

Rosewood trims and architraves can be easily maintained and cleaned once they are installed. The installation itself is fairly straight-forward if you are proficient with DIY, otherwise you may wish to enlist the services of a professional.

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