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Soffit Vents

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Our range of soffit vents come in two styles; Circular soffit vents and Strip Vents.  When installed, these items will provide the functionality for efficient soffit ventilation.  Circular vents are made from high quality uPVC and come in a range of colours (White, Brown, Light Oak and Black). The soffit strip is a 9mm H section and can be used to join two pieces of soffit board. To ensure you are choosing the correct soffit vent, measure the size of your soffits to ensure you are pick the most suitable product.

Soffit Ventilation

Soffit ventilation allow the air to flow into lofts to provide sufficient ventilation. This can help reduce dampening and can maintain temperatures within the loft space. If you do not install soffit ventilation under the eaves of your building this can lead to big problems in the long term.


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