Superb Quality uPVC Fascias

Our uPVC fascia boards are each 16mm thick with standard square styling, making them light but durable. They are the ideal choice for building new roofing or carrying out a replacement or repair. The fascia attaches directly to the rafter feet, and bears the weight of eaves tiles and guttering without the support of a backing board or tilt fillet. The soffit engages by push fit.

Why uPVC?

uPVC is without doubt one of the most resilient materials, designed to withstand intense weather conditions including heavy rain, sleet, frost and snow. Despite what some people may think, uPVC will not become warped in sunlight and is not subject to rotting.

Another benefit of uPVC fascias is that they are incredibly durable. Unlike wooden fascias, they do not need to be repainted regularly over time, making them the ideal low-maintenance choice for your home. Fascias are positioned in an awkward-to-reach part of your roof and can be difficult to access, often requiring a professional.

Whether you’re simply looking to renovate the exterior of your home or you hope to be able to sell your home on the property market, choosing uPVC is a fast, effective, easy way to rejuvenate its appearance. Replacing wooden fascias with uPVC will also instantly give it a more modern look and feel.

Benefits of uPVC Fascias

Fascias are crucially important to your home’s roofing system. Not only do they help to prevent birds or vermin from nesting within your rafters, they are also help to protect your roof from bad weather.

As they are more immediately visible than soffits, it’s important that you choose a style and colour you are happy with from the start. Your uPVC fascias will last for a long time to come and replacing them can be an awkward job. If you wish to make the best of their amazing long-lasting quality and keep the aesthetic of your home looking fresh for longer, talk to us for a consultation.

A Range of Plastic Fascia colours in uPVC

Our range of fascias includes 16mm square, 18mm ogee and 16mm bullnose. If you’re not sure which of these fascia types best meets your needs, just speak to us and we’ll be happy to advise.

Although any type of standard uPVC fascia will always look great thanks to its smooth edging and clean design, that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on achieving your own custom style. On this page we offer a wide range of coloured plastic fascias. Our fascias have been made available in white, rosewood, mahogany, light oak and black ash, all of which are some of the most common finishes most fascias use today.

The uPVC fascia boards should be fixed using 2 x 65mm Polytop nails spaced no further than 600mm apart (400mm for wood grain boards).

Please take note that all profiles are 5m lengths unless otherwise stated. The return leg measures 35mm overall (19mm Internal). If you have any questions regarding our plastic fascias, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

UPVC Fascia Installation Guide

 If you would like help installing your plastic fascia click here to view our guide to Plastic Fascia installation.

As well as uPCV fascias, we also supply uPVC cladding and soffits. Keeping all three of these roofing features well maintained is absolutely essential if you wish to keep your home looking great and your outdoor drainage system working correctly. Luckily, thanks to the low-maintenance nature of uPVC, this is highly achievable.

Our fascias are a valuable investment that will see your money go further with minimum effort and upkeep.


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