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PVC Vented Soffit Boards

9mm Ventilated soffit boards comply with UK Building Regulations for new build and replacement applications and provide the equivalent of a 10mm or 25mm air path as required by current UK building regulations for new pitched roofs of 30 degree pitch and above.

Soffit boards should be fixed using 2 x 40mm Polytop pins spaced no further than 600mm apart (400mm for woodgrain boards).

Available in White, Rosewood, Mahogany, Light Oak and Black Ash.

All profiles are 5m lengths unless otherwise stated.

Why do I need a vented soffit? Roof vents are, contrary to popular belief, not installed to cool down your house but to preserve the life of the shingles. Cool air will travel through the soffit vent and exit the hot air through a ridge at the top.

If the hot air were to remain it could cause the shingles to curl, and that's no good. Poorly ventilated roofs can cause the shingles to be exposed to rain which can then rot the material - a problem which could cost thousands to repair or worse. Vented soffits are a cheap way to keep ventilation and preserve the life of the entire roof.